victoria wall harris

victoria wall harris

the thing i love the most about yoga is that it truly is for every single body. i really believe that.
no, not everyone can hop into a crazy headstand, but not everyone should. actually, most people never should.
your neck guys, your neck!
a ton of the time, the beauty of yoga comes from the subtleties, the transitions, the beginnings that turn into progress.

as we work together you can expect a foundational, traditional, tantric hatha yoga experience with touches of mobility and functional movement expertly woven in. i teach a yoga practice that heavily relies on alignment and breath, and focuses on the science and benefits of doing the basics and doing them correctly and with purpose.

i began my yoga journey many years ago as i was looking for fitness and sweat. the gym in my small college was always jam packed. i wanted a workout, but was tired of fighting the masses for a turn at the free weights and treadmills.
yoga became that workout for me thanks to a groupon for a local studio. i could afford the discounted rate, and got a mat-worth of space that was all mine. the hot classes i began with (and still occasionally take to this day) are what got me hooked on yoga.
not meditation, not spiritual awakening, just a hardcore sweat sesh. 
i loved the community, the breath attachment, my newfound flexibility, how strong and cleansed i felt inside and out after every single class.

very slowly - and then all at once - i gravitated toward more of the spiritual, science-based side of yoga that eventually led to BALI, and to where i am today.

as a teacher it is my job to explore yoga with you in whatever capacity you feel drawn to, and then to lead you into challenges and growth within those wants.
my teaching is alignment and breath based, and always with a purpose.
i will never put my clients a pose "just because".
i will never lead my students into a practice they aren't yet ready for, even if that means skipping savasana.
and i will absolutely never put my clients in warrior 1. guys — your knees, your knees! 

in whatever capacity we work together, i cannot wait to meet you on your mat.
let's begin!


i have been practicing yoga since 2008.
in 2016 i became a
registered yoga teacher
after completing my
200 hour YTT in
i currently reside full-time in