5 of my favorite stand-up specials that are important right now

you may not know this about me, but i love stand-up comedy.

i mainly watch via netflix these days, and there are so many comedians coming out with new materials right now. perhaps it is the influx of insane, real-world content? politics, the LGBTQ community, gun violence, POLITICS, women's rights, sexual assault...

what i am loving about so much of the comedy that is coming out now, much of which isn't listed here, is comedians aren't afraid to get right down to the issues. they're broken down, they're challenged, they're called out.

while watching these specials, i laugh, i cry, i contemplate and i have plenty of a-ha moments.
enjoy these, my favorites right now, and the many others that exist for your viewing pleasure!


hannah gadsby : nanette

HG is an australian comedian, lesbian, and has the actual cutest smile ever. she is sweet, witty, and loves tea. i didn't know what to expect from this special, the trailer made it look like a movie but i knew it was comedy. lucky for me, i watched, i felt, i cried, i laughed and i loved her to her core. her special is relevant and delivered with an accent you won't be able to get enough of. she discusses politics, gay and lesbian culture, men, her childhood and many personal stories. amidst her comedy, she dishes out real life advice and well wishes for the world and everyone in it.

hasan minhaj : homecoming king

HM is my favorite correspondent from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and PRAISE came out with a stand up special. thanks to his upbringing with immigrant parents, and his own experience as an indian american muslim courting a hindu woman, HM is full of interesting and comedic views on his childhood, adulthood and current events. it's hilarious and smart, delivering a bigger message amidst the laughs.

ali wong (multiple)

this snappy asian american firecracker is a beauty and good for many, many laughs. she's pregnant - in both specials mind you - and get's really real about pregnancy, womanhood, marriage before and with kids, and mom-culture. she isn't watered down, and instead remains her hilarious, vulgar, badass self throughout both shows. one of my favorite moments is when she discusses going from the supplemental to the primary contributor in her marriage. she's tiny, she's cute, and she's the boss.

garfunkel and oats : trying to be special

i wasn't ready for this one. i didn't know what i was getting into, and was very pleasantly surprised. the two leading ladies of this special use stories, music and each other to deliver some very unique musical comedy that i ended up loving. G&O are lovely, vulgar, self aware, hilarious and get really real about everything from self-esteem to handjobs. if the banter between songs wasn't rehearsed, i'd be shocked. they just go together! beyond the banter, the songs are near-perfectly delivered and will stick with you.

chris rock : tambourine

chris rock wasn't a favorite of mine until seeing this comedy special. he jumps right into current events surrounding minorities, specifically black people, as he discusses gun violence, police brutality and politics. he also gets real about his relationship status and about being a dad, telling his own eye-opening stories and owning up to some of his faults and missteps of his own. i found myself entertained and, more interestingly, surprised by the end of the show.