my go-to, calorie-friendly alcoholic drink

tequila seems to get a cruel edit in that most people associate it with some horrible night from their past. if that's you, put that bad mojo in the past because in moderation, tequila is key. 

first and most important, find you a tequila that is 100% agave. two favorites of mine include:

  1. campo azul blanco ($11.99 @ trader joes) 
  2. casamigos blanco ($30 @ most liquor stores) 


4 reasons to love tequila:

  1. tequila is plant based 
  2. tequila is carb free
  3. tequila is sugar free
  4. tequila tastes good and mixes well

and last but not least, my go-to tequila-based drink recipe* that won't break your budget -- calorie or money-wise -- is carb and sugar free, and is perfect for summer:

  1. 1.5 oz. 100% agave tequila
  2. 8 oz. still or sparkling water (try plain or grapefruit la croix)
  3. juice of half a lime
  4. lots of ice

mix all ingredients well and enjoy!
*squeeze of a grapefruit wedge, salted rim (pink or mineral salt!), a drop or two of stevia optional!


build your home gym for $28

no, seriously.

yoga mat, optional.

yoga mat, optional.

you can get an excellent workout with your beautiful body alone, but props are fun.
these are the two things i recommend to literally everyone who asks me what they should have around to amp up their workouts at home and on the go.
i have these exact items (pictured above) and use them on the reg for myself and my clients.

aaaaand thats it.

easy right? read on to break this down further, and stay tuned for tutorials.

i cannot stress enough that these bands are my favorite favorite thing.

i use them at home,
i take them to the gym,
i pack them in my suitcase.
i cannot recommend them enough. they're lightweight and take up no space at all.
if there is one thing you buy for your home workouts, it needs to be these.

those jump rope exercises we were just talking about? add in a band. 
doing some squats? add in a band.
walking on a treadmill? add in a freaking band.

i love this particular set by nee boo fit because they're very affordable, buildable, and labeled. each band level is a different color, and represents a different level of resistance from light to xxx heavy. 

a jump rope is a very affordable way to get some cardio in anywhere.

pro tip: are you on a super budget? make your home gym even more affordable by skipping the rope altogether (no pun intended). 
you can fake it! do the jumps and the wrist motions, no rope needed! this can be a nice little hack when you're in a small space.

if you're new to jumping rope, try not to stress when you cannot seem to go three hops before landing right on the rope. it takes practice but keep at it! 
you WILL gain your rhythm, and when you do this little tool can take you a long, long way in your home workout.