build your home gym for $28

no, seriously.

yoga mat, optional.

yoga mat, optional.

you can get an excellent workout with your beautiful body alone, but props are fun.
these are the two things i recommend to literally everyone who asks me what they should have around to amp up their workouts at home and on the go.
i have these exact items (pictured above) and use them on the reg for myself and my clients.

aaaaand thats it.

easy right? read on to break this down further, and stay tuned for tutorials.

i cannot stress enough that these bands are my favorite favorite thing.

i use them at home,
i take them to the gym,
i pack them in my suitcase.
i cannot recommend them enough. they're lightweight and take up no space at all.
if there is one thing you buy for your home workouts, it needs to be these.

those jump rope exercises we were just talking about? add in a band. 
doing some squats? add in a band.
walking on a treadmill? add in a freaking band.

i love this particular set by nee boo fit because they're very affordable, buildable, and labeled. each band level is a different color, and represents a different level of resistance from light to xxx heavy. 

a jump rope is a very affordable way to get some cardio in anywhere.

pro tip: are you on a super budget? make your home gym even more affordable by skipping the rope altogether (no pun intended). 
you can fake it! do the jumps and the wrist motions, no rope needed! this can be a nice little hack when you're in a small space.

if you're new to jumping rope, try not to stress when you cannot seem to go three hops before landing right on the rope. it takes practice but keep at it! 
you WILL gain your rhythm, and when you do this little tool can take you a long, long way in your home workout.

the 5 podcasts i listen to on the reg

let me tell you the secret to getting through LA traffic without a full meltdown: get into podcasts.

here is a list of my favorites. they are listed in no particular order, i listen to all of these every single week:


    this pod is basically how i get my news. i can't take it lately without a serious dose of comedy, sarcasm, and intelligence and this pod rolls all of that into one lovely, long show. the people who host all have political/white house backgrounds, are very knowledgeable and opinionated, have smart discussion/debate and bring in awesome guests to their regular and their live shows. i also enjoy, and sometimes am terrified by, their episode titles. examples include: "paul ryan's shit sandwich", "the perpetual bullshit machine" and "weird year".
    to the highest degree, i adore this pod. the show is (another) lengthy, comedic, intelligent look at current events, news and politics, but specifically from the view of women and the LGBTQ demographic. the hosts are hilarious, have the best conversations, and have built a show based on both their personal lives, their personal opinions, a certain form of journalism that doesn't bore me to death, and is overall extremely relevant and deep-diving. i laugh out loud every, single, episode. get to know erin and bryan, they are top notch.
    don't get me wrong, i adore pod save america and throwing shade, but despite their news being doused with comedic delivery, they are still fairly dense and overall serious. the ladygang is just fun. its a breath of fresh freaking LA air. there are three hosts, they're all very different, they all bring their own thing to the show, they're all successful, and they all make me laugh. this show is very based in the host's lives, pop culture, and entertainment news. i love love love the guests they have on, such as darren criss, dr. kay and of course spencer pratt. also, shoutout to elena, the honorary fourth member of the LG! please let me come do yoga and drink pamplemousse la croix with you all. 
    this pod is very centered to me and my interests, but it's definitely worth mentioning. i recommend giving this one a shot as the host is so knowledgeable about movement and yoga, and has guests come on who i cannot get enough of and have learned so much from. every episode inspires me in some way, be it in my personal fitness journey, my class building for clients, or just for new factoids to pocket in general. the host also has an excellent instagram that i follow for the equally interesting and inspiring content in the form of thoughtful prompts, video tutorials, and links to her guest's pages.
    this is another fun one, like the ladygang. the host was a contestant many seasons back on one of the bachelor shows, and now has her own blog and podcast (which is frequently co-hosted by tanya rad, my favorite part of ryan seacrest's morning show and a very inspiring, hilarious, and positive person to follow on IG). the title of this pod is a play on the fact that they do focus on dissecting grey's anatomy episodes, but to be honest that aspect of the show doesn't take up much of the pod's time, and sometimes is skipped entirely. they talk a lot about dating, living in LA as young women, career growth and goal setting, and have guests on regularly. 

check all of these out wherever you listen to pods! i use the "PODCASTS" app that comes standard on apple iphones (the purple one!) 

they're easy to get and free and a great way to get through maddening LA traffic, cardio sessions at the gym, and sometimes i even turn one on over bluetooth at home while i clean the house and cook and such. enjoy!