9 tips to avoid paying full price for all the yoga things

I was walking around Bloomingdales the other day and saw an Adidas jacket I liked. After trying it on and falling in love with the thing, I realized it was $70.

Sorry, but no.

It just wasn’t in the budget for me. I set the jacket down, pulled out my phone and googled it. The internet is a magical place, people! Within seconds I found it and saw that it was $20 cheaper on the Adidas site, including free shipping. I ordered it right then and there. Yes, it meant not having the jacket right away, but that is something I’m very fine with if it means saving money.


My secret to living my best yoga life — and best life in general — is I rarely pay full price for anything. ANYTHING. Here are some of my tips to do the same:

  1. Anytime you’re in-store shopping, start in the sale section. I often don’t even make it to the rest of the store because I have such luck in clearance. Some of my favorite stores, like Anthropologie and Nordstrom Rack, even have sales on sales, which is when there is an additional mark down on items already on sale. AKA a tank top that was originally $60 is on sale for $36, but there is an additional 40% off sale items, making that $60 tank a $21 tank. This has happened SO MANY TIMES and I always feels like I’m getting away with something.

  2. If you’re online shopping, use my Google tip and search around for things! Multiple stores will often carry the same items, and prices won’t always match up. Different stores will also often have different return policies for the same item. Pay attention to those, as you may need to return online purchases if they arrive and don’t fit or if you change your mind. For example, some athletic brands won’t let you return worn or washed items, while some encourage you to put their clothes to the test, and if they don’t perform to your standards you can still return or exchange!

  3. If you’re a healthcare professional or fitness instructor of any kind, you probably get discounts on nice athletic wear brands. Also, teachers, students and military professionals often get a discount! I know brands like Athleta offer a discount to fitness professionals and students. Often you can sign up in-store with proof of credentials (i.e. a yoga teacher certificate, a student ID, etc.) so next time you’re checking out, ask about discounts!

  4. I belong to a 24 Hour Fitness gym, which is less than $30/month. There are nicer gyms, and there are gyms closer to my house, but nothing beats that price and they have everything I could ever need. Fancier gyms can be upwards of $200/month, and while they are often cleaner and with nicer amenities, they don’t actually include much more otherwise — for example some gyms have spas but all spa services are an extra cost.

  5. I do not belong to a yoga studio, but I often practice at them. Most studios offer a “new student discount” where you can enjoy unlimited access for 2 weeks-1 month for a super discounted rate. “30 days for $30” is a common one. If you attend 3 classes per week during a $30 month-long special, that breaks down to $2.50 per class! The downside to this is if you love a studio and want to continue taking classes there after the promotional period, you’d have to pay a monthly rate. OR…

  6. I have successfully avoided paying a regular monthly member rate at various yoga studios (Yoga Six in St. Louis, MO and Corepower in Los Angeles, CA) by signing up to do a work-for-trade. Many studios offer this option, where you can work or clean for 1-4 hours per week in studio in exchange for free, unlimited access to the studio. Even if a studio isn’t advertising that they offer this sort of thing, ask the people working there if they could use your help in this avenue and save yourself $150+ per month!

  7. Taking the test to become a personal trainer is a few hundred bucks. Getting a yoga teacher certification is a couple thousand. Retreats and workshops can be pricey. If you’re looking for training or continued education, but can’t shell out hundreds and thousands of dollars, reach out to the training you’re interested in and ask about work-for-trade and/or for scholarship opportunities. Often the people/companies running these trainings and retreats have the need for someone to help behind the scenes with organizing, cleaning, setup/break down, etc. and will offer a discounted or waived fee in exchange for your help. Scholarship opportunities are sometimes available, and can cover the entire cost of the event! Remember, it never ever ever hurts to ASK what is available to make something more accessible for you, especially when you’re willing to offer up your help in return.

  8. This is a tricky one for many, but something I have perfected — thank goodnesss — be willing to walk away from the thing. In the end, you don’t need new yoga pants, you don’t need to practice at a fancy studio or cool gym, you don’t need any of it. I want it, but I don’t need it. You want it, you don’t NEED it. All you need, and I say this all the time, is the magical body you already live in. The rest is just for aesthetics. The sooner as you can come to terms with that, the sooner you can start saving money because I will walk right the F away from any pair of yoga pants that isn’t somehow discounted.

  9. A final note, not about how to save, but about where to spend: I rarely try to save money when it comes to food. No, I don’t mean I go searching for the most expensive groceries and restaurants, I just mean while I CAN workout anywhere — at home, in a cheap gym, in a luxury gym — and feel the benefits, I can’t eat anything/anywhere and feel the benefits.

    Don’t be a gym snob, be a food snob.

    Care about what you put in your body. I know that it may cost $14 to go to a make-your-own-salad bar and build a giant salad with all the toppings when you could spend just $5 going to fast food and getting 5 things.

    I KNOW. I GET IT. But. That giant salad you made can be two meals — half for lunch and take the rest home for dinner, aka $7 each and thus not much more than fast food would cost you for two meals — and you’ll feel GOOD. Your fast food is going to last you one meal and make you feel sluggish and greasy for the rest of the day.

    Learn to look at cost and value outside of just money. What does an unhealthy meal cost you, besides the $5? And, alternatively, what value does the $14 salad have?

winter women's weekend: move, nourish, and connect

I have wanted to host a yoga retreat for the longest time. I did my YTT in Bali because I love any excuse to travel, and the bug for combining yoga and travel hasn't subsided. I hope it never does.

I met Kiara on Panic! at the Disco's Pray For the Wicked tour. She was hired as a touring musician and my boyfriend works for the band. I was out visiting for a few shows, and she and I scheduled a little downtime yoga. One hour-long class in a semi truck later I was certain I had to collaborate with Kiara once she was off the road. Her teaching style reminded me of my own, but with her spin and voice. It was thoughtful, strong, grounded, anatomical, and creative. The ambiance was complete with crew walking by the whole hour and palo santo burning, and I loved the whole damn thing.

When we discussed co-hosting a retreat, the idea snowballed quickly and has been so much fun to plan and develop together. An intimate local getaway seemed simplest, and mid-holiday season seemed most timely. A few dinner meetings later, with a house booked and dates set, we began to accept payment and watch as our 8 spots filled. 

Kiara (left) and Kala (right)

Kiara (left) and Kala (right)

Ideas for the weekend have been free-flowing, and we are so excited to share what we will be doing with our time together during this ladies-only staycation retreat from the holiday busyness!

this retreat will include*:

- 3 days/2 nights shared room and board in a beautiful hidden oasis home
- daily freshly prepared organic, plant-based vegan meals
- full access to a grotto-style pool, jacuzzi and waterfall
- daily guided group yoga and meditation
- thai massage partner workshop
- vegan cooking demonstration
- essential oil roller making workshop, with a special guest presenter from Saje
- a gift bag valued at over $200

...and more! 


attendees must be 21+ years of age. location and inclusions subject to change. participant must submit a signed waiver, photocopy of valid drivers license and payment in full to reserve a spot.

I can't wait to share what products and services have been generously donated to fill the gift bags! I have been so blown away by the generosity we have received from so many companies happy to supply us with goodies and surprises to share with our attendees. if you want a sneak peek at what’s inside, go check out my “retreat” Instagram highlight.

If you'd like to join us, we would love to have you! Please reach out to Kiara or myself to reserve a spot, send payment and get more information. Our contact information is below. We are so looking forward to this special weekend!

All the light and love,






5 of my favorite stand-up specials that are important right now

you may not know this about me, but i love stand-up comedy.

i mainly watch via netflix these days, and there are so many comedians coming out with new materials right now. perhaps it is the influx of insane, real-world content? politics, the LGBTQ community, gun violence, POLITICS, women's rights, sexual assault...

what i am loving about so much of the comedy that is coming out now, much of which isn't listed here, is comedians aren't afraid to get right down to the issues. they're broken down, they're challenged, they're called out.

while watching these specials, i laugh, i cry, i contemplate and i have plenty of a-ha moments.
enjoy these, my favorites right now, and the many others that exist for your viewing pleasure!


hannah gadsby : nanette

HG is an australian comedian, lesbian, and has the actual cutest smile ever. she is sweet, witty, and loves tea. i didn't know what to expect from this special, the trailer made it look like a movie but i knew it was comedy. lucky for me, i watched, i felt, i cried, i laughed and i loved her to her core. her special is relevant and delivered with an accent you won't be able to get enough of. she discusses politics, gay and lesbian culture, men, her childhood and many personal stories. amidst her comedy, she dishes out real life advice and well wishes for the world and everyone in it.

hasan minhaj : homecoming king

HM is my favorite correspondent from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and PRAISE came out with a stand up special. thanks to his upbringing with immigrant parents, and his own experience as an indian american muslim courting a hindu woman, HM is full of interesting and comedic views on his childhood, adulthood and current events. it's hilarious and smart, delivering a bigger message amidst the laughs.

ali wong (multiple)

this snappy asian american firecracker is a beauty and good for many, many laughs. she's pregnant - in both specials mind you - and get's really real about pregnancy, womanhood, marriage before and with kids, and mom-culture. she isn't watered down, and instead remains her hilarious, vulgar, badass self throughout both shows. one of my favorite moments is when she discusses going from the supplemental to the primary contributor in her marriage. she's tiny, she's cute, and she's the boss.

garfunkel and oats : trying to be special

i wasn't ready for this one. i didn't know what i was getting into, and was very pleasantly surprised. the two leading ladies of this special use stories, music and each other to deliver some very unique musical comedy that i ended up loving. G&O are lovely, vulgar, self aware, hilarious and get really real about everything from self-esteem to handjobs. if the banter between songs wasn't rehearsed, i'd be shocked. they just go together! beyond the banter, the songs are near-perfectly delivered and will stick with you.

chris rock : tambourine

chris rock wasn't a favorite of mine until seeing this comedy special. he jumps right into current events surrounding minorities, specifically black people, as he discusses gun violence, police brutality and politics. he also gets real about his relationship status and about being a dad, telling his own eye-opening stories and owning up to some of his faults and missteps of his own. i found myself entertained and, more interestingly, surprised by the end of the show.